Randomness and uniform distribution modulo one

Authors: Verónica Becher, Serge Grigorieff.


We elaborate the notions of Martin-Löf and Schnorr randomness for real numbers in terms of uniform distribution of sequences. We give a necessary condition for a real number to be Schnorr random expressed in terms of classical uniform distribution of sequences. This extends the result proved by Avigad for sequences of linear functions with integer coefficients to the wider classical class of Koksma sequences of functions. And, by requiring equidistribution with respect to every computably enumerable open set (respectively, computably enumerable open set with computable measure) in the unit interval, we give a sufficient condition for Martin-Löf (respectively Schnorr) randomness.

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2022-05-27T13:25:12-03:00 27/mayo/2022|Papers|
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