On-the-fly Informed Search of Non-blocking Directed Controllers

Authors: D. Ciolek, M. Duran, F. Zanollo, J. Braier, N. Pazos, V. Braberman, N. D’Ippolito, S. Uchitel.

Abstract: We study directed control of discrete event system expressed as the parallel composition of interacting automata. Solutions that first compose the automata and then compute a controller may result in an exponential blow up. We present a technique that builds the composition on-the-fly guided by a novel domain-independent heuristic, which attempts to discover relevant dependencies between the intervening components. We obtain safe and non-blocking directed controllers, or directors, exploring a reduced portion of the state space. We present the first experimental results on directed control comparing on-the-fly composition with informed search against the original monolithic approach to directed control.

More information: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0005109822005970

2022-12-16T13:28:39-03:00 16/diciembre/2022|Papers|
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